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Kos is one of the most popular summer destinations in Greece. Its sun-drenched sandy beaches and its natural beauty make it really stand out in people’s hearts. There are numerous sports activities to do but it is also an island with a rich cultural and historical background. 
One of the places that is worth visiting during your stay is the ancient healing center “Asclepion” which was dedicated to Asclepius, the god of medicine and health. This monument dates back to the first half of the 3rd century BC and it consists of three terraces. On the premises, there was a medical school for passing knowledge on to young doctors, numerous ancient temples and even thermal baths with water supply from the spring of Vournika.
The Ancient Agora is another important historical site where you can see the remains of ancient houses. It was regarded as a trading center because it was close to the port of Kos. 
The Ancient Gymnasium also marks the history of the area as it was a complex that included the Acropolis, the Hippodrome, the Nymphaeum, along with temples dedicated to Aphrodite and Hercules.
If you are interested in religious history, the Basilicas of Saint Stephen will leave you speechless with their unique architecture. These two churches were built above the beach of Kamari in southern Kos during the 5th and 6th century BC.  They used to be connected by a bridge to the nearby island of Kastri before an earthquake reduced the bridge to rubble.
The islet of Kastri is a small, rocky island opposite Kefalos beach on top of which you can see the church of Saint Nicolas, the protector of sailors. An old castle was built here to protect the area from enemies but today we can see only its remains.
One of the most impressive constructions is the Castle of the Knights or Nerantzia Castle. Workers spent 130 years to build this castle that today fascinates every visitor in the area. The great Hippocrates used to teach in Kos and he examined his patients under a large plane tree that can now be seen in front of the Castle of the Knights. So, if you visit the castle make sure that you look out for this 500-year plane tree.  
The Hot Springs in Agios Fokas offer an amazing experience thanks to the therapeutic properties of the water. Dive in the springs and let the curative effect of the water improve your health. 
The long, sandy beaches attract thousands of tourists every year. The most popular beaches on the island are Lambi beach and Psalidi beach, where you can take up various water sports. Another amazing beach is Agios Stefanos beach where you have the chance to walk by the sea with an outstanding view to the islet of Kastri which is located opposite the coast. 
Visit the beautiful island of Kos and set out on a thrilling adventure that you will reminisce about forever!
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